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 car key battery replacement

in getting your car key battery replaced:


1 Know the type of battery your car key needs: Knowing the type is important since batteries are dependent on the kind of car keys where they will be used. It is best to ask the shop that sells the car keys what type of batteries to avoid, in order to minimize a mismatch between your battery and car key. A mismatch will only prevent your car key from functioning and may even result in damaged keys.

2 Make sure that the car key batteries are compatible with the car: Some car key batteries are made to function only with particular types of cars. Some keys do not fit with the key hole of some cars so check the compatibility of the two before you buy one. Also, some cars require a certain number of fob batteries for the car key to operate.

3 Be careful when undertaking car key battery replacement by yourself: Once you have purchased the batteries compatible with your car key and vehicle, you have the option of performing the battery replacement yourself. This will save you some time and is recommended in urgent situations that require you to immediately replace the batteries.

4 DIY car key battery replacement. To do this, you will need to open the metal key by splitting the key fob into two. Once the key fob has opened up, you will be able to see the batteries inside. Use a screwdriver to remove the old batteries. Replace these with a new set. Afterwards, return the key fob to their original position to close the key opening. Make sure that the new battery is of the same type as the old one for the car key to be functional.

5 Call the dealer of your car and let them do the work: If worse comes to worst, you might find out that your key fob needs to be reprogrammed. It will be safer for you to allow professionals to handle the repair job. Your knowledge may not be enough to do the repair and it might only cause further damage to your car key battery.

Your car key battery is very important since its proper functioning will provide security for your car and the personal materials that you store inside it. Thus, it is also vital that you know what to do when your car key battery is damaged or has worn out. Be guided by the steps above and have a worry-free trip with your car every day.

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